Ruby is called Ratna Raja (king of Jewels) is generally considered as the most valuable of coloured stones for its vibrant red color, rarity and exceptional quality. It is considered to be the second most valuable and hardest stones in the line of Diamond, Ruby, Emeralds and Sapphires. Ruby is a pink to blood-red coloured gemstone from the corundum (Al2O3) mineral family similar to sapphires except for colour due to chromium. Rubies are extremely rare to be found without inclusions and impurities even in high valued stones therefore a ruby with eye clean generally commands a higher price compared to other types of stones.



Color is the single most important factor deciding the price of ruby than clarity. A pigeon blood color (vivid red) having the Burmese origin command the highest price of all rubies and its very rarity is so great that synthetics are common in the market, thus obtaining certification before buying becomes crucial.

The vivid red colour is associated with power, energy, Love, passion, protection, prosperity and strength since ancient times. A well cut pigeon blood, unheated ruby is considered to be the premium of its kind. Rubies are subjected to heat treatment than any other stones to enhance colour. Heat treated rubies are considered to be less valuable than natural occurring Rubies in Asian countries. The Europeans and Americans are less concerned about heat treatment than its colour and clarity.

Customers must first settle their taste within their budget. A fine quality, rare gem stone will cost more than a larger gemstone with inclusions and inferior quality. Nature rarely gives birth to extraordinary quality jewels so there is a virtuous reason for their high price.


Clean rubies over 2 carats are rare and the price of ruby rockets with each carats increase. The price per carats doubles or triple with every carat increase. Unlike Blue Sapphires Rubies do not form in huge sizes, which  makes rubies extremely valuable. Largest ruby, Crimson Flames 15 carat Pigeon blood ruby is sold for a record price of $18 million at $1.2 Million per Carat in Christies back in 2015. The price per carat can be in millions provided the Ruby is free from minor inclusions and the weight exceeds 10 carat.